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Mickey and Kids

Mickey Power II, M.S.LPC


Mickey Power, Owner and CEO, possesses Masters Degree in Clinical Mental Health and has practiced in the mental health field since 2012.  He has treated a variety of patients with both psychiatric and chemical dependency needs. He has also served with a multidisciplinary advocacy team to address severe sexual trauma in children of impoverished areas of Southeastern Oklahoma. In October of 2016 he opened his own private practice in Texarkana, Texas where he continues to work. There, he has a thriving practice focusing on trauma, anxiety and couples therapy. When he is not providing therapy, Mickey spends his time with Makaelea (Mak) and his two daughters (Matti and Loklyn). His family members are closely intertwined into his hobbies. Most of his free time is spent traveling, exploring, fishing and embarking on various airboat adventures with his family. In early 2020, he and his wife left for a couples vacation in Belize and fell in love with the beauty of Belize’s culture and geography. After traveling through a majority of Belize, they found the the unspoiled Corozal district, a place where tourism has not overshadowed the innate vibrance of the Caribbean culture, and the dream of Jaguarundi Shores was conceived. With the support of his wife, help from wonderful friends in the United States, and the continued graciousness of Linda, a wonderful lady in Northern Belize, Jaguarundi Shores began to take shape. Now that dream has now become a reality to share with those needing a break from the incessant pressures we all experience daily.


Makaelea Power

Public Relations

Makaelea Power, Mak as her friends call her, is head of public relations for Jaguarundi Shores.  She does a little bit of everything, from our interior designs to coordinating our clients' stay at Jaguarundi Shores. She will also serve as your guide to some of the most culturally interesting experiences at the retreat. Mak was an accomplished athlete until experiencing medical complications that she now attributes as the catalyst to her strength and genuineness as a person. Mak’s chosen identity is her traditional role as a supportive wife to her husband and dedicated mother to two beautiful girls. Anyone who knows Mak describes her as having an old soul. According to her husband, her unwavering strength is the stability that emotionally creates and protects the family. Mak enjoys outdoor explorations with her family, creative designing, but most of all, travel with her family and friends.

Karla Meeks 

Director of Business Development

Karla Meeks received her Social Work degree from Texas A&M and has worked in the field of Mental Health since 2003.  She began her career as a Juvenile Probation Officer and served in that capacity for 11 years.  In 2012, she found herself wanting to venture into the business aspect of social work. She began working for an inpatient mental health hospital as their Director of Marketing and most recently transitioned to Marketing Director for the Mental Health Clinic of Greenville while joining us on the adventures of Jaguarundi Shores.  In her hometown she oversees the children’s ministry while serving her community in multiple capacities.  When she is not busy working, she is enjoying the great outdoors with her family. 


Tiffany L. Werhner, MS, LMHC, PA

Clinical Director

Tiffany L. Werhner, is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and works tirelessly in helping various clients find the “light at the end of the tunnel” by being solution focused while focusing on coping skills to assist in resolving issues.  Tiffany graduated from the University of Florida and then received her Master's degree from Palm Beach Atlantic University in Counseling Psychology. She is the founder of Safety Harbor Behavioral Health and Counseling Center and has over 15 years of experience as a Psychotherapist. 

Tiffany is a published author of an “Author’s Academy Award” nominated book titled “There’s a Light Within You That Never Goes Out”, which is a self-help book for survivors of childhood sexual abuse or incest.  

Tiffany is also the Host of a popular live interactive radio talk show called “Moments of Clarity with Tiffany”, which that has a variety of exceptional guests each week who share their inspirational stories in order to end the stigma on mental health.

Lisa Love, MS-LPC


Lisa Love earned a Masters in Mental Health Counseling at Texas A & M Texarkana. Lisa has worked in an under served area of Oklahoma since 2013. She also has a private practice in Texarkana, TX. Lisa works with patients dealing with anxiety, trauma, grief, addiction issues and other life challenges.

Lisa uses an eclectic mix of therapeutic techniques so that she can best meet the needs of her clients. She believes each person has the potential to live their best life if only given the tools and encouragement to do so.

Lisa is married to Greg, her best friend and partner in the adventure of life. They share a puppy named Charlie, their only “child” still at home. Lisa spends most holidays at the beach as she finds the waves, wind and sand soothe her soul.

Besides travel and adventure, Lisa also enjoys family dinners and get-togethers with her two grown children, Brittany and Skylar and their partners, and her three beautiful grandchildren.


Katie Walker,MS,LPC,RYT200

Therapist and Yoga Instructor 

Katie Walker is a yoga instructor, business owner, mother and an online advocate for promoting mental health. Katie earned her Bachelor degree in psychology and her Masters degree in Counseling Psychology, from Texas A&M University in Texarkana. She is a licensed counselor with nine years of experience in the mental health field treating individuals, couples, families, and groups. She is the founder, owner, and counselor for Hope Centered Counseling LLC.  She especially enjoys working with couples.  Her therapeutic approach has been shaped by her professional and personal experiences, as well as  her ongoing education and training.

Katie is a certified yoga instructor through the Purple Lotus Yoga Program and a certified Restorative-Flow Yoga Teacher through the Om Balance Restorative-Flow Yoga Teacher Program.

When she is not in the office or teaching, she enjoys spending time with family, friends, and practicing self-care. 

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Myra Loving,MS,LPC


Myra Loving is a Licensed Professional Counselor who has been practicing therapy since 1998. She earned her Masters degree in Counseling Psychology at Texas A&M University-Texarkana, where she also taught various psychology classes for over 13 years. She also taught at Texarkana College for over 11 years while working as a therapist. She has worked with various populations of clients over the years. Since opening her private practice in 2011, she counsels adults, couples and families using various modalities with an eclectic blend of therapy models. Myra counsels’ individuals with depression, anxiety, trauma, and grief. She is an EMDR Trained Clinician and has also completed 2 years of training as a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner. She founded an emotional support group in Texas called “Left Behind” for those who have a loved one who died by suicide.

When not working, she enjoys time with her family and friends. Myra loves to travel, enjoys good food, learning about different cultures, exploring, and watching football/baseball. Myra is a ‘people-person’ by nature and is passionate about being in a helping profession.


Robert Pierce


Chef Robert Pierce better known as Hop, comes from Colombian, Cuban, French/Italian and southern cooking styles.   His background comes from being the Executive Sous Chef of the Westin Jekyll Island in South Georgia U.S.A. for the past four years. He brings a strong background in group caterings, private tastings, and recipe and menu development.  He is great at helping to explore not only local culinary but regional experiences, as well.  He is happy to help with any specific dietary needs, all while expanding your culinary adventure. Growing up in the culinary world he was taught to love his food and the people he shares it with.  All of our food will be locally sourced from the local Mennonite Farms, butchers, and markets all the way to the fish that you potentially catch while staying at Jaguarundi Shores, upon your request. Hop can plan and prepare meals for you specifically or even serve family style meals, intimate private meals, and maybe even themed cookouts at the tiki hut/bar. He looks forward to assisting you with your healing adventure.


Yanela Cruz

Culinary Expert and Event Coordinator

Yanela Cruz provides exotic culinary styles from Peru. Mak, Mickey and Hop met Yanela vacationing in Peru and quickly became friends there and even after leaving Peru. As a native of Lima, Peru she has spent years teaching native South American cooking styles to even those with the most novice of culinary skills. Her renditions of Lomo Saltado, Ceviche and Causa Calpulcra are just a few of her signature dishes, along with authentic Pisco Sour drinks. Her style in conjunction with Chef Hop makes for culinary experiences found nowhere else in the world. Yanela speaks English, Spanish and Portuguese, with a degree in marketing and a sweetly, warm personality. She will be your connection with everything Belize has to offer after your arrival and help you with any needs around the resort.

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