Chemical Dependency Retreat

Jaguarundi Shores offers a 7-day, 6-night, or 14-day, 13-night, all-inclusive intensive adult Chemical Dependency program on the Caribbean shores of Belize.  The property is bordered by a beautiful rock wall with a private entrance gate and beautiful shoreline on all remaining sides.  While on the property you will have private accommodations with your own private living area, balcony, kitchen, bedroom, and chef prepared dining.  Our Chemical Dependency program is built around research-based therapeutic modalities that are tailored to the individual’s unique needs and circumstances. 

We designed our program for patients that are recovering from alcohol, stimulants, opiates, or marijuana addiction or have recently relapsed. This is perfect for people that need treatment but have minimal time to receive treatment because of their daily responsibilities or may be concerned with attending a treatment facility for concerns for confidentiality. This is one of the most private chemical treatment centers available. The serenity and relaxing atmosphere of the Caribbean allow the intensity of treatment to be as relaxing as possible. 

We Believe 

  • The holistic approach is necessary to appropriately compile the individualized treatment needed for our clients.  At Jaguarundi Shores our participants will have the opportunity for connection with their current therapist or sponsor, free of charge, through tele-conference.  We combine effective clinical counseling within experiential engagements beyond the typical treatment center activity.  Our counseling staff will not only provide individual and group therapy, but also incorporate life skills, physical experiences, natural medicine/diet treatment approaches, training, coping skills, family engagement and relapse prevention.  

  • Limiting the number of participants in our program allows us to offer a more intensive personalized quality of service and decrease the time needed for effective results.

  • Being physically active is important for a healthy lifestyle.  We incorporate physical activities into our treatment allowing each activity to focus on issues of trust, teamwork, communication, decision-making and cooperation.  Some of the activities include:





            Bird Watching


  • Feeling safe and comfortable allows our treatment to be absorbed to its full potential, which is why we offer this treatment in a supportive, safe, relaxing tropical location. 

  • Introducing or enhancing an organic diet will enhance each client’s level of self-mastery over their eating habits and promote intuitive eating as a dietary goal.

   We Provide On-Site

Resident Counselor 

Relapse Prevention Plans 

Individualized Recovery Plans 

Family Therapy with an Tele-Conferencing Option

Life Skills Training 

Experiential Therapy 

Cognitive/Behavioral Therapy

Gestalt Therapy 

High Intensity Experiential Group Sessions 

Daily Holistic Treatment Activities 

Dietary Assessment and Training



Resort Style Accommodations

Prepared Meals


Boat Dock

Water View Balconies

Laundry Services

Tiki Hut

Large Group Dining and Social Area

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