Couples Retreat

Jaguarundi Shores provides the opportunity for a truly growth- focused couples therapy experience, free from the many stressors that undermine relationships in our everyday lives. Many couples are lost in their everyday responsibilities and stray away from one of the most rewarding experiences in life--the relationship with their partner. This is an opportunity to experience holistic, relational growth where each couple will discover what they have somehow lost along the way, as well as wonderful aspects of each other they have yet to uncover.

The retreat is in northern Belize on a picturesque, secluded shoreline. Only 6 couples are allowed for each booking to provide everyone with the attention they deserve. The intensive couples therapy is provided for 3 to 7 days with your own extensively experienced licensed therapist. Upon arrival, each couple can expect to find a true understanding of their individual needs and personalities. These insights will be used to better communicate and make decisions in the more intensive phases of treatment. During couples sessions, every visceral aspect of the relationship is explored and collaboratively experienced to find previously hidden solutions for the couple. In addition to session experiences, couples can embark on tours of the Lagoon into the Caribbean, manatee sightings, natural medicinal approaches, birdwatching, and authentic visits to small villages in Belize. Each person can expect to experience nature, themselves, and relationships as they never have before, while basking in the beautiful relaxation only available at Jaguarundi Shores.  We gather couple-specific information before arrival so we can augment treatment to each couples unique wants/needs.

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